Charles W Livingston (1901-1985) of Alpine, Texas, who was Jeremy's Great Grandfather, spent a lot of time hunting agate in the hills of West Texas near the Rio Grande River with a donkey named Tico!

Thanks goes to Emily Scown, Charlie's Daughter, who enjoyed hunting and polishing these agates for many years during Charlie's lifetime and beyond! It was her foresight in keeping up with Charlie's "dream" (and her own) which enables us to share this collection representing their combined efforts over a period of several decades.

For information concerning how you can personally experience a real Agate-hunting expedition and pick these jewels right up from the ground, go to west Texas and check out the Woodward Ranch and also check with Teri at the Antelope Lodge in Alpine, TX . They both offer agate hunting, Woodward at Needle Peak and Teri Smith at Walker Ranch, Old Bishop Ranch, and others  ....

Here are just a few of the Beautiful AGATES that Charlie and Emily cut and polished from around 1940 through 2000.

Needle Peak Moss Agate (below)                 Needle Peak Agate (below)

Needle Peak Pom Pom Thistle Agate (below)                          Needle Peak Pom Pom Agate (below)

Marfa Bouquet Agate (below)                                                 Marfa Bouquet Agate (below)

Marfa Bouquet Agate (below)                                               Marfa Bouquet Agate (below)

This is some of the nicest Agate found in the world, right here in the USA....


In January of 2004 Earl and Diana Morehead obtained the remaining inventory of Emily Scown and the agates she had received from her father, Charles Livingston Sr.

Charlie had spent an entire lifetime collecting agates and petrified wood in west Texas.

This collection is now available for viewing by appointment at the 700 acre Hill Seaton Reservoir near Whitesburg, Georgia.

Contact Earl and Diana Morehead for further information.

Diana has come up with an interesting combination of Agate and Stained Glass. She has been placing the agate into stained glass work which she has designed.

This combination "showcases" the agate in a manner which is quite innovative.....An example of her work follows...

Three small slabs of polished Black Plume Agate from south of Marfa, Texas


See more of Diana's Agate and Stained Glass Artwork   Preview Diana's Agate and Stained Glass Artwork

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