Now we have the FINE Saanens of ELEAMO  HERD........


Meet Monochrome * Two Year Old  *  TWO RGCH JUNE 2007 *

Fox-Trot WWF Monochrome came to us in 2007 from Laura, Kelsa, and Dale Warner of FOX-TROT FARM  in Middle Tennessee.

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION  IN TWO RINGS  *  June 2007 in Clarkesville, GA  *

She attended the GA Dairy Goat Breeders Association's 31st Annual ADGA Dairy Goat Show in Habersham County, Clarkesville, GA on June 02, 2007 and walked away with   RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION   place in Two Rings.............She is quite a lovely doe and we are pleased to have her here at   ELEAMO  FARMS.............

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