TRIANGLE MINI STORAGE  This website is currently under construction...

We have over 100 Conventional MINI STORAGE Units Available NOW!!!!!!!

And the Climate Controlled Units are the Newest and Largest available in Carroll County, GA...

How Exciting!!!!!

After Hours and Emergency Numbers are:

678-378-2881 and 678-378-1183 for Earl or Diana Morehead

Facility is Gated and Chain-Link Fenced with three strands of Barbed Wire along the top of the fencing!

24/7 Security Cameras throughout the entire facility ..

Also within the same Complex you will find a brand new facility designed to handle all you Truck/Trailer Preventive Maintenance needs.

Triangle Fleet Services, Inc.

Here is a photo of one of our newest Buildings in which we offer ALL SIZES!



How about a "starving" Tennessee Walking Horse

Meet Ginger - who came to us from a local "kill buyer" on Jan 01, 2008......


On Jan 14th.....Two weeks later......and out of the stall.....thank God.....

Then on Feb 01, 2008 * Ginger is getting along quite a lot better now....

It took only one month to get Ginger into this shape......she has not fully recovered due to the fact that she is a BIG Horse and will require another two months to recover 100%.

So many horses are starved each year and we can attribute this to really lousy and irresponsible owners.

So if you see someone mistreating a horse, kick their butt, then take charge.................

Wanta see our Barn project that we thought would take forever?


and while you're here CHECK OUT our  "TRAEGER" Grills online

See Diana's Agate and Stained Glass Artwork  Preview Diana's Agate and Stained Glass Artwork

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